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patrons of progress.

Teaming up with Curiosity Lab to create a series of portraits that celebrate our peers and heroes who use their access and resources for good!

pelican bay.

Portraits from inside one of the nation's most notorious prisons.

prison shoes.

Actual shoes of inmates photographed on location.

Every pair of shoes has a story. What's yours?

runners of iten, kenya.

Iten, Kenya is a small mountain town near Eldoret on the edge of the Rift Valley. Here, runners come from all over the world to learn the secrets of the great Kenyans runners.

women's march on dc.

Hundreds of thousands of women marched on the nation's capitol to show the world they will not be silenced.

golden hour.

The dust was flying as the sunset finished it's set for the day at Northern Nights music festival, Northern California.

sugar cane harvest.

This destructive crop pulls kids from schools with the promise of money for the family. Instead it leaves communities poor and the soil destroyed. 

millions march.

#blacklivesmatter was just gaining momentum on the streets during the time of the Millions March protests. These portraits were shot on location during a protest in San Francisco near City Hall.

What makes me unique as a photographer is what I'm doing when I'm not photographing. I explore human interest stories centered around social impact and issues and try to tie those issues to brands that want to use commercial photography to help tell their story and make and impact.

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